How to get a Scholarship?


The training programme will be restricted to students and researchers who have carried out most of their studies in a university of the network and are nationals of one of the countries of the network. 


Once the training position is open, a call for application will be inmedialtely published in the WEB-page for recruiting (in the WEB-page there will be topics to select and deadline for call for applications). Candidates must send the ADEMAT-Application form and their curricula by e-mail to the responsible contact professor of his university.

Upon tele-discussions between the home and host professors and the coordinator of the network the appropiate candidate for each position will be selected. 


The main requirements of the curricula to be evaluated are:

After the election, the grant-holders will be communicated about the selection, which will be published in the WEB-page.


Funding conditions


EU funding (75% of total budget)

Network funding (25% of total budget)


ADEMAT Network partner institutions must finance the following expenses in order to carry out the training:

Duties of grant holders


Download ADEMAT-Application form


For any questions contact us!



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