Training programmes


The network will provide three types of training:


Research Training (RT): for researchers (university staff) in high-tech engineering (up to 6 months)

Advanced Training (AT): for doctorate studies and post-docs specialisations (up to 20 months)

Complementary Training (CT): diploma thesis  (last year of studies) in engineering (up to 10 months)


The training programmes will be principally based in the following points:

The training programme will be carried out with modern teaching techniques, will be personalised, where each grant-holder carries out a technical project with the advice of 2 professors, one of the origin university and one of the host university, with the aim of obtaining concrete results. The network involves a group of selected professors, who are available for tele-discussions or personal meetings within the training.



Topics for training


Training on production, testing, characterisation and engineering application of novel metal-matrix composites, cellular and porous materials and powder metallurgy products

Training on production and characterisation of novel glass ceramics, glass matrix composites and high temperature ceramics

Surface technologies – Micro/Nano Technology

Production and characterisation of polymers, copolymers, conducting polymers and aerogels

Training on application of novel characterisation techniques and modelling-simulation


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